Ceramic Tile Floor Care Program


Ceramic tile is an excellent flooring choice for a variety of environments because it is extremely durable, highly resistant to stains and is easier to maintain than most natural stone floors. In addition to these compelling performance characteristics, the varied designs, colors and textures available with ceramic tile offers a wide array of design possibilities.

The Pioneer Eclipse Ceramic Tile Floor Care Program consists of a combination of specially formulated chemicals used with simple processes to ensure the floors look consistently pristine and be easy to maintain.

Ceramic floor tile is made with clay material that is shaped and then dried in a kiln to remove impurities, stabilize the form, and strengthen the material. The tile is then either glazed or left unglazed, each with distinct characteristics that are important to consider for proper floor care.



Download the Ceramic Tile Floor Care Program detailed brochure to learn more. 

Ceramic Tile Floor Care Program SP