To purchase parts for the 250AP (Lower Assembly):

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250AP Air Purifier_Lower Assembly Diagram

ItemPart NumberDescriptionQty ItemPart NumberDescriptionQty
1X9180Housing, Axial Fan1 16X9190Label, Product1
2PD3CFoot, Black Rubber, Short1 1772721ASwitch Panel1
3X9098Screw, #10 x 1”, A point, Pan Head1  72721CPanel, Switch C13 Outlet Cutout, (MP541900) 
4X8260Nut, 8-32 Lock, w/ Nylon Inserts1 18X9048Rocker Switch1
572719ABracket, Axial Fan Motor1 19X9186Circuit Breaker, 12A1
6X9183Grill Axial Fan1  X9262Circuit Breaker, 5A, (MP541900)1
7X9189Label, Round (at grill)1 20X9188Screw, 6-32 x 3/8”, Black MS1
8X9195Caster Receiver1 21X892620’ HD, 3-wire cord, 16/3 SJTW, 115 volts1
9P50Wheel and Socket1  X2401Cord, Pigtail, 2’ with C20, (MP541900)1
1072020AScrew, Self-Tap, PHMS, Zinc, #12 x 1”1 22PD8Strain Relief, 1/2” NPT1
11X9181-120Motor, 115 VAC, .25 HP, 4-Pole1 23X8008NNut, Lock, 1/2” Steel Conduit1
 X9191-230Motor 230V .25 HP 4-Pole, (MP541900)1 24X9182-6Fan Blade Assembly1
12X8209SScrew, 1/4-20 x 1/2”, Self Locking Flange1 25F631Round Belt1
15X9187GFCI Outlet Female1 2672470AHeat Shrink, Blk, 1/2” x 200’,1
 X2400IEC plug 230V, (MP541900)1 27PD3BFoot, Black Rubber, Tall1