146 EnviroStar Valor Ultra High Speed Floor Coating



EnviroStar Valor represents a new generation of environmentally responsible technology. Our DualBond technology combines the typical benefits of “environmentally preferred” finishes with a new proprietary polymer construction that provides superior water resistance and durability, which rivals most conventional floor coatings. It is designed specifically for ease of application and ease of maintenance while consistently providing a beautiful, durable, and safe wet-look shine.

DualBond Technology utilizes a calcium cross-linked polymer traditionally known to green floor finishes, but what makes this technology different from other environmentally preferred finishes is that the calcium cross-linked polymer is paired with a strong covalent bond. This covalent bond causes the finish to far out-preform other green finishes and perform on par with traditional zinc based finishes.


FSE (2 x 10L) / MPE (4 x 4L) For Latin-America, Asia & Oceania