Floor Finishes

Specializing in floor care systems, Pioneer Eclipse offers a wide array of acrylic co-polymer blend finishes for all types of resilient floors. From high gloss coatings for vinyl composition tile to ultra durable hard floor coatings for heavy traffic applications, the experts at Pioneer Eclipse develop coating and cleaning systems based on facility traffic, usage and environment. We understand that no two buildings and properties are the same and we strive to consistently meet every challenge from property managers around the world.

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Floor Sealers

Pioneer Eclipse Floor Sealers will protect, enhance, and help preserve the condition and appearance of many floor types. This
versatile line of floor sealers offers the right product for any application, such as enhancing durability for high traffic conditions,
stain protection, establishing a gloss-enhancing base, or the need for environmentally preferred products. 

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Floor Strippers

Stripping floor finish can be one of the most labor-intensive jobs in professional floor care. Using the right stripping products and
the right process can make all the difference. Pioneer Eclipse offers a range of floor strippers for fast high-performance stripping,
slow drying, low odor, and even environmentally preferred solutions.

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Concrete & Terrazzo Chemicals

Pioneer Eclipse’s line of Concrete & Terrazzo chemicals are formulated to address every aspect of professional hard floor restoration and maintenance. For densifying, sealing, protecting, and maintaining, this product line offers perfectly matched chemicals for ultimate hard floor care.

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Wood Floor Care

Whether commercial or residential, Pioneer Eclipse offers a complete line of chemicals specifically formulated for all types of wood floors. We have professional grade water-based coatings applicable to light traffic, low sheen floors to high gloss, high traffic floors.
Crucial to putting down a new wood floor finish is a sealant that will optimize finish coat adhesion while also protecting against tannin bleed. When recoating a floor, a dust-free bonding agent is equally important. And finally, cleaning and maintaining a wood floor with these specially formulated products will help give any wood floor lasting durability and beauty.

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