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Issue #2 Monday, June 7, 2010
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  The Ultimate Floor Stripping System!
The barracuda®, HydroStar®, StripVac™ and Formula X make up the Ultimate Floor Stripping System.
Stripping season is upon us and Amano Pioneer Eclipse continues to produce the most complete stripping system available today.  This system includes the barracuda® propane powered stripping machine, Formula X UHP floor and baseboard gel stripper,HydroStar® applicator and the StripVac™ battery powered recovery vacuum.  These machines and chemicals have been tried and tested around the world and perform better and faster than any others in their class.
See the Ultimate Floor Stripping System in action at our website.  For more information about the Ultimate Floor Stripping System, contact your local Amano Pioneer Eclipse sales representative.
Interesting Stuff<Top>
Slip-and-Fall Accidents
Ten Steps to Avoid a Slip-and-Fall is available for download from Amano Pioneer Eclipse.
Each year, grocery stores spend over $400 million defending slip-and-fall claims.  About 25,000 slip-and-fall accidents occur every day and the average claim from each these accidents is approximately $4000.  Combined with litigation costs and lost worker productivity, it estimated that more than $30 billion per year (or $3.5 million per hour, every hour, every day, year round) is wasted on slip-and-fall accidents.*

Many of these accidents can be prevented with common sense procedures and planning.  Amano Pioneer Eclipse has a helpful guide to slip-and-fall prevention called “Ten Steps to Avoid a Slip-and-Fall”.  For more information about floor safety, visit theNational Floor Safety Institute.
* National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
Tips, tricks and hints. <Top>
Green Schools
A new 8-1/2”x 11” tri-fold brochure is available from the leaders of green floor care;  Amano Pioneer Eclipse.  This brochure discusses the potential danger that lurks in every school from harmful floor care and sanitation products.  It also describes the advantages of using EnviroStar Green®, the environmentally preferred chemicals manufactured by Amano Pioneer Eclipse. 
The brochure can be customized with a particular school name on the cover and distributor or BSC contact information on the back.  For more information about ordering this brochures,contact your local Amano Pioneer Eclipse sales representative.

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