Stain resistant protection for concrete floors

Sparta, North Carolina- Amano Pioneer Eclipse, a worldwide manufacturer of professional floor care and sanitation products, introduces PowerStar” Stain Resistant Top Shield the best concrete floor protection available today. Commonly known as an intelligent floor care treatment, Top Shield is an important part of the complete PowerStar concrete floor maintenance system.

The innovative and unique composition of Top Shield creates a durable ultra-hard surface that repels water and stains improving the low maintenance characteristics of a concrete floor. Just as important, Top Shield allows the slab to breathe releasing underlying water vapor that could lead to interior damage and surface deterioration. This treatment also helps improve the effectiveness of daily cleaning procedures and extends the life of the floor.

Available in a ready-to-use 2.5 gallon bottle, Top Shield is the star of the Amano Pioneer Eclipse concrete floor maintenance program. Top Shield is applied at the end of the concrete floor polishing operation. A floor care professional, using a micro-fiber applicator, can walk on the treated surface even before it dries ” sometimes in as little as 30 minutes ” without affecting the floor appearance. This unique characteristic reduces application time and produces optimal and predictable results.

Best of all, PowerStar Stain Resistant Top Shield makes concrete floors shine. Using a UHS Burnisher and a PowerPolish HT curing pad, Top Shield produces a floor aesthetic that exceeds all expectations. Properly applied, it can elevate the gloss level of an untreated floor by almost 10 points. PowerStar Top Shield is part of a complete line of concrete floor care polishing machines, diamonds, pads and densifying treatments available from Amano Pioneer Eclipse.

For more information on floor care machines, chemicals and accessories produced by Amano Pioneer Eclipse, visit” In the US call 1-800-367-3550. For international inquiries call 1-800-372-8080.

About Amano Pioneer Eclipse ” For almost 40 years, Amano Pioneer Eclipse has provided building service contractors with mechanical and chemical solutions for cleaning and maintaining all types of flooring including vinyl composite tile, granite, marble, concrete, carpet, linoleum and marmoleum. Sold through janitorial supply distributors, Amano Pioneer Eclipse also produces a full line of environmentally preferred cleaners and coatings known as EnviroStar Green whose unique chemistry is ideally suited for hospitals, schools, hotels, offices and retail environments.

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