New hard floor machine grinds, polishes and burnishes

Sparta, North Carolina- Amano Pioneer Eclipse, a worldwide provider of professional floor care solutions, introduces of the PE420GP – a propane powered floor grinder, polisher and burnisher. Designed for hard floor surfaces like concrete, marble and terrazzo, the PE420GP is the latest addition to the company’s long line of battery and propane powered floor care machines.

The PE420GP is three machines in one. As a grinder, it utilizes a 75 lb (34 kg) downward force, on-board 7-gallon (26 liter) water supply and aggressive diamond grinding pads to remove surface scratches and floor coatings. As a polisher, the machine operates at 1000 rpm and uses a variety of diamond polishing pads to smooth and shine the floor surface. As a burnisher, the PE420GP employs special high speed pads operating at 1500 rpm to cure floor surface treatments and hone the surface to a brilliant shine. Combining these functions into one unit lowers machine expenditures and reduces down time between operations.

“The PE420GP is a brand new design that targets building service contractors who maintain hard floor surfaces,” states Vic Thomas, Executive Director of Sales at Amano Pioneer Eclipse. “With this system, floor maintenance operations that used to require multi-person crews can be performed efficiently and effectively with only one operator.”

One of the many features of the PE420GP is the three position speed control. One position allows the engine to idle during warm up and maneuvering. The second throttle position is for polishing at 1000 rpm and the third position is for high speed burnishing at 1500 rpm. Without operator intervention, the throttle lock-out feature limits the machine to the lower settings. This prevents unneeded power during the polishing and grinding operations that typically occur at slower speeds.

“To optimize grinding, polishing and burnishing performance, the machine must maintain a specific pad speed,” says Derrick Hamm, Director of Research and Development at Amano Pioneer Eclipse. “The throttle design ensures the machine is set to produce the best results.”

The PE420GP also features an ergonomic safety clutch and finger tip water control for wet grinding operations. The PE420GP is the latest development from Amano Pioneer Eclipse – a worldwide machine and chemical manufacturer that provides simple floor care solutions for almost every type of floor surface. For more information on the PE420GP or any of Amano Pioneer Eclipse professional floor care products, please visit In the US call 1-800-367-3550. For international inquires; 1-336-372-8080.

About Amano Pioneer Eclipse-For almost 40 years, Amano Pioneer Eclipse has provided building service contractors with mechanical and chemical solutions for cleaning and maintaining all types of flooring including vinyl composite tile, granite, marble, concrete, carpet, linoleum and marmoleum. Sold through janitorial supply distributors, Amano Pioneer Eclipse also produces a full line of environmentally preferred cleaners and coatings known as EnviroStar Green whose unique chemistry is ideally suited for hospitals, schools, hotels, offices and retail environments.

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