Mini automatic floor scrubber eliminates mops and buckets

Sparta, North Carolina- Amano Pioneer Eclipse, a worldwide provider of professional floor care solutions, introduces a new battery powered floor machine to their broad line of high performance battery and propane powered scrubbers, burnishers and stripping machines. The PE300AS is a 14-inch (35 cm) automatic floor scrubber designed to maintain small spaces where numerous obstacles are present. It’s petite design and rapid deployment virtually eliminates the need for mops and buckets. With its low profile design and tilt-down handle, the PE300AS cleans areas that are inaccessible by larger scrubbers. It cleans floors under counters, desks, tables and other hard-to-reach areas requiring a mere 15-inch (38 cm) clearance. The units cord free operation and compact design allow it to move around chairs, product displays, shelving, counters and other fixed obstacles typically found in retail stores, office cubicles and school classrooms and cafeterias. Easily stored with a very small footprint, the PE300AS is always ready to spring into action for fast emergency cleanups.

“This machine is going to virtually replace the mop and bucket system typically used to address tight spaces, small floor areas, accidental spills and frequent cleaning of high traffic areas,” states Vic Thomas, Executive Director of Sales at Amano Pioneer Eclipse. “The PE300AS won’t leave a wet floor behind, so the likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents – typically found with a mop – are greatly reduced.”

A 2.6 gallon (10 liter) solution tank holds floor cleaning solution that is dispensed through a front facing water jet. Solution flow is controlled through an intuitive operator panel while a removable recovery tank makes waste water disposal quick and easy. The powerful and extremely quiet (on 69 decibels) vacuum allows the scrubber to operate without disturbing visitors and patrons. “This machine is perfect for any facility that has a mop and bucket in their janitor’s closet,” says Derrick Hamm, director of Research and Development at Amano Pioneer Eclipse. “Dirty floors, accidental spills and wet entryways can be quickly cleaned with this compact powerful little unit.”

An on-board charger keeps the 12 volt battery ready for up to two hours of continuous operation. With a pad pressure of 51 lbs (23 kg) the PE300AS can clean up to 11,300 ft2/hour (1050 m2/hour). Amano Pioneer Eclipse offers a variety of cleaning pads and complementary chemical floor cleaners to address all types of flooring surfaces. Ergonomic pull trigger controls and floor friendly wheels complete a robust feature package that isn’t available on machines costing twice as much.

As part of a full line of professional floor care solutions, the PE300AS will give flooring professionals the compact performance needed for today’s tight commercial and educational spaces. Backed by a two-year warranty, this new scrubber is the latest development from Amano Pioneer Eclipse – a worldwide machine and chemical manufacturer that provides simple floor care solutions for almost every type of floor surface. For more information on the PE300AS or any of Amano Pioneer Eclipse professional floor care products, please visit In the US call 1-800-367-3550. For international inquires; 1-336-372-8080.

About Amano Pioneer Eclipse-For almost 40 years, Amano Pioneer Eclipse has provided building service contractors with mechanical and chemical solutions for cleaning and maintaining all types of flooring including vinyl composite tile, granite, marble, concrete, carpet, linoleum and marmoleum. Sold through janitorial supply distributors, Amano Pioneer Eclipse also produces a full line of environmentally preferred cleaners and coatings known as EnviroStar Green whose unique chemistry is ideally suited for hospitals, schools, hotels, offices and retail environments.

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