AquapHyll™ bottle top dispenser

Sparta, North Carolina- Amano Pioneer Eclipse, a worldwide provider of professional floor care solutions, introduces AquapHyll Portable Plus™, a bottle top portable dilution control system for the company’s wide array of floor care and sanitation chemicals. Designed to fit all “DT” type chemicals, the AquapHyll Portable Plus automatically mixes concentrated chemicals with water and dispenses the solution at a specific diluted ratio.

Held in one hand, the AquapHyll Portable Plus attaches to a standard garden hose through a durable brass fitting. The one-gallon (3.8 liter) chemical bottle (sold separately) attaches to the bottom of the unit with a “quick attach” coupling that requires only 1-1/2 turns. With the push of a simple thumb button, the unit dispenses a pre-determined dilution of the chemical solution into a bottle, bucket or automatic floor scrubber. This button can be locked in place for continuous chemical flow while the bucket and bottle brackets support the system weight during lengthy fills.

The AquapHyll Portable Plus can dispense a solution at three different flow rates. Choosing a flow rate is made simple with an easy throw lever on the side of the unit. The SlowpHyll™ setting fills small quart bottles at 1 gallon (3.8 liters) per minute. The FastpHyll™ setting dispenses the solution at 3 gallons (11.3 liters) per minute and is used to fill buckets or automatic floor scrubbing machines. The rinse setting bypasses the chemical dilution system and provides a water stream to clean equipment or wet a particular surface.

“Seventeen different chemicals are available with the AquapHyll Portable Plus system,” states Brian Strickland, Vice President of Product Development at Amano Pioneer Eclipse. “Standard and green cleaners, degreasers, strippers and disinfectants are all part of this robust chemical line.”

As part of a full line of professional floor care and sanitation solutions, the AquapHyll Portable Plus gives facility maintenance professionals dependable chemical dilution control in one easy-to-use bottle top dispenser. Backed by a one-year warranty, the AquapHyll Portable Plus is the latest development from Amano Pioneer Eclipse – a worldwide machine and chemical manufacturer providing simple floor care and sanitation solutions for almost every type of commercial facility. For more information on the AquapHyll Portable Plus system, visit the product information site at Visit for information on other fine chemical and machine products from Amano Pioneer Eclipse. In the US call 1-800-367-3550. For international inquiries; 1-336-372-8080.

About Amano Pioneer Eclipse-For almost 40 years, Amano Pioneer Eclipse has provided building service contractors with mechanical and chemical solutions for cleaning and maintaining all types of flooring including vinyl composite tile, granite, marble, concrete, carpet, linoleum and marmoleum. Sold through janitorial supply distributors, Amano Pioneer Eclipse also produces a full line of environmentally preferred cleaners and coatings known as EnviroStar Green whose unique chemistry is ideally suited for hospitals, schools, hotels, offices and retail environments.

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