Pioneer Eclipse Adds Antimicrobial Protection To OmniGuard Ultra High Speed Floor Coating

Apr 28, 2022, 15:37 PM by Pioneer Eclipse

SPARTA, NC – April 16, 2020 – Pioneer Eclipse, a worldwide leader in floor care technology, has announced the addition of AMPTM AntiMicrobial Protection technology to its premier Ultra High Speed (UHS) floor coating, OmniGuard.

Floors are a common source of harmful bacteria. AMP AntiMicrobial Protection is an EPA registered ingredient within OmniGuard floor coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria on the floor surface.

OmniGuardOmniGuard UHS floor coating UHS floor coating is a high solids finish that produces a superior gloss level ideal for use in retail facilities or other high traffic areas. “OmniGuard is one of our best selling floor coatings, and has an established reputation in the market for its high gloss burnish response while also being durable and repairable” said Patrick Goddard, Global Product Manager at Pioneer Eclipse. “In addition to its existing performance characteristics, having the AMP technology in Omniguard means Building Service Contractors and end users are also able to protect the floor from bacteria that degrades the finish and causes odors and stains”.

All of the Pioneer Eclipse floor coatings with AMPTM technology provide continuous antimicrobial protection from the moment the floor coating is dry, 24/7 for the usable life of the coating. No chemical mixing or non-standard floor preparation is required. This unique application of technology inhibits the growth of the bacteria on a cellular level, preventing bacterial microorganisms from feeding, growing, and reproducing.

Pioneer Eclipse floor coatings with AMPTM technology have been tested using the industry accepted test method JIS Z 2801 for inhibiting antimicrobial activity.


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