Equinox™ HG Ultra High Speed Floor Coating

ITEM# 139

Higher gloss — For a wetter, wet-look that lasts longer.

Equinox HG produces a higher gloss than the traditional Equinox formula. It’s true! In side-by-side tests, Equinox HG consistently produces 7% higher gloss meter readings. Get even more shine and extended life from the premier name in floor finish.

Less Odor — We’ve reduced the ammonia smell so common to floor coatings.

Now you can use Equinox HG anytime without disturbing the residents and patrons of health care, educational and retail facilities. Advanced chemical components reduce the odor of this new formulation, which allows floor care professionals added flexibility in scheduling floor maintenance activities.

Faster Drying Time — New formulation dries faster, improving efficiency.

Get in and get out quick – that’s the key to producing more shine in less time. Equinox HG makes that possible by dramatically reducing the drying time – it’s 20% faster than the original Equinox formula. Spend less time waiting for the floor to dry and more time producing great results with the labor saving, high gloss, low odor formula of Equinox HG.

Resists Black Heel Marks — A tough finish that stands up to black heel marks and scuffs better than ever.

With the added durability designed into Equinox HG, fewer scuffs and black heel marks develop, even in high traffic. Everyone will enjoy more shine for a longer time, while reduced scrub and re-coat cycles will lower maintenance costs.

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