TimberGuard Select

ITEM# 718 TimberGuard Select is a single component, water based urethane/acrylic wood floor coating that is ideal for residential and light commercial settings. TimberGuard Select is a highly durable coating with excellent flow characteristics, available in matte, satin, and semi-gloss sheens               Technology That Inhibits The Growth of Bacteria

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ITEM# 717: TimberBond is a single component bonding layer used to prepare commercial, residential, and sports wood floors for dust-free re-coating.

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ITEM# 709: TimberSeal is a wood floor sealer specially formulated to optimize adhesion and protect against tannin bleed.

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ITEM# 706: TimberGuard is a single component, water based urethane wood floor coating that is ideal for high-traffic floors in commercial and residential settings.

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ITEM# 702: A durable, high gloss, wood floor coating. WoodStar is a durable and easy to apply water based finish. Ideal for use in gymnasiums and high traffic areas.

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ITEM# 701: A wood floor sealer that is designed for use with water based wood floor finishes. WoodPrime provides excellent adheasion characteristics and maintains the natural beatuy of the floor by preventing tannin bleed.

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