Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island

“With its EnviroStar Green FloorCare  Program, Pioneer Eclipse has  accomplished what other companies  couldn’t: providing a floorcare system that  performs well beyond our expectations.  Our floors look new on a daily basis, yet  they are easy to maintain. I cannot express how important those factors play in a hospital setting.” Dennis Owens Facility Manager Memorial […]

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Cato Meridian Schools

“We’re so pleased with the performance of  Amano Pioneer Eclipse that we’ve started using  their products on the asphalt tile floors in our  classrooms and we’re also working to bring in some more of their burnishers. If anybody wants to use us as a reference, I’ll be happy to show them the results.”

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ARW Facility Maintenance, Inc.

“I’ve been using Amano Pioneer Eclipse products religiously for about five years and  they’re clearly the best solution I’ve found. Nothing else  is even in the same league.”

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Oswego Health Services

“We started using Amano Pioneer Eclipse EnviroStar Green® floorcare chemicals about two years ago as part of the hospital’s sustainability  initiative. For environmental friendliness, they’re best  of breed; but the big benefit to me has been their  performance as a highly durable, low-maintenance  solution to the problems we face all winter long.  We use the EnviroStar Green […]

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Brookville Hospital

“We are extremely satisfied with the performance of the  EnviroStar Green products. I receive compliments from  the staff and even patients on how nice our floors look.  We’re looking forward to a long relationship with Amano  Pioneer Eclipse.” Lavonne Best Environmental Services Manager Brookville Hospital

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