Atlas™ Alcohol Resistant Floor Coating

ITEM# 149 A repairable and removable finish specially formulated to be resistant to alcohol hand sanitizer. Durable, repairable & removable Alcohol resistant No mixing required Easy to use     Technology That Inhibits The Growth of Bacteria

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Orion 25™ Low Maintenance Floor Coating

ITEM# 148 A high solids, high gloss, low maintenance finish formulated to significantly reduce the need for re-coating and burnishing. Orion 25 also includes AMP AntiMicrobial Protection, technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria on the floor surface 24/7 for the life of the finish. Fewer coats needed = Labor savings High gloss level without […]

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ITEM# 141L5 (For European sale only.) For high traffic areas that require a durable and easy to maintain surface, OmniGuard is the obvious choice. The high solid formulation of this UHS floor finish produces extreme gloss that withstands the effects of crowded market places in any weather condition.

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EnviroStar Valor

ITEM# 146: A premium floor coating designed specifically for ease of application and ease of maintenance while consistently providing a beautiful, durable, and safe wet-look shine.

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