Atlas™ Durable, Alcohol Resistant Floor Coating

ITEM# 149 A repairable and removable finish specially formulated to be resistant to alcohol hand sanitizer. Durable, repairable & removable Alcohol resistant No mixing required Easy to use     Technology That Inhibits The Growth of Bacteria

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Orion 25™ Low Maintenance Floor Coating

ITEM# 148 A high solids, high gloss, low maintenance finish formulated to significantly reduce the need for re-coating and burnishing. Orion 25 also includes AMP AntiMicrobial Protection, technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria on the floor surface 24/7 for the life of the finish. Fewer coats needed = Labor savings High gloss level without […]

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EnviroStar Valor

ITEM# 146: A premium floor coating designed specifically for ease of application and ease of maintenance while consistently providing a beautiful, durable, and safe wet-look shine.

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