250AP Portable Air Purifier

The 250AP significantly reduces airborne bacteria and viruses known to negatively affect indoor air quality.  This patent-pending air purifier utilizes a high efficiency two-stage HEPA filtration combined with broad spectrum germicidal UVC light to deactivate microorganism particles in and around the filter, and downdraft air movement delivering more clean air than competing purifiers.  This portable […]

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Level-S Diamond Pads

Pioneer Eclipse Level-S Diamond impregnated pads can be used in a dry application on UHS burnishers and in a wet application on automatic scrubbers and low speed floor polishers.               Download Additional Information:

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Hard Floor Restoration

The complete system to restore, polish, and maintain concrete and terrazzo hard surface floors. Pioneer Eclipse offers the right machines, abrasives, chemicals, and accessories for restoring, polishing, and maintaining concrete and terrazzo hard surface floors. Combining this product line with our vast expertise, we offer an integrated system to efficiently and economically perform otherwise challenging […]

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PowerLab 120

The PowerLab 120 is a trouble-shooting tool used on 120V machines. Simply plug the machine into the PowerLab 120 while operating to quickly evaluate the machine power load. This tool is ideal for machine repair centers, tool rental centers, and floor care professionals. The all steel construction and durable components make this a reliable tool […]

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