300BU 30X

As the world’s leader in burnishing technology, we have been challenged by our customers to produce a battery burnisher that is more productive, weighs less, and has a lower cost of ownership than our competitor’s equipment.  With the introduction of the 30X battery burnisher and the remarkable combination of X₂™ and SteadyOne™ Technologies, we have met these challenges!

X₂™ concentrates burnish energy in a much smaller area than a conventional round pad.  In fact, our 30” wide machine, which is equipped with 2 x 16” X-pads, uses 58% less pad contact area to burnish, compared to a conventional 27” round pad.  This means the 30x can do more work while consuming less energy.  X₂™ technology is patent pending.

Complimenting X₂™ is our SteadyOne™ system.  SteadyOne™ uses advanced fluid drive technology to maintain constant pad pressure and reduce burnish motor current spikes.  Unlike other machine with spring mechanisms that vary when a metal coil compresses or extends, SteadyOne™ automatically adjusts the deck as the pad wears to apply the same pad pressure throughout the burnishing process.

The 30X – the most effective battery burnisher  in the world.


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