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Low Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner

ITEM# 3040 9% HCl bowl and porcelain cleaner that is non-fuming, fast acting, and high sudsing for cleaning any type of toilet fixture. Also good for drinking fountains, coffee urns, and stainless canister tops.

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TimberGuard Sport and TimberSeal Sport are Certified as MFMA Compliant

SPARTA, NC – April 4, 2018 – Pioneer Eclipse, the leader in floor care technology, today announced that Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) has certified American Sanders TimberGuard Sport and TimberSeal Sport as MFMA Compliant. MFMA is the worldwide authority for guidelines and recommendations for sanding, sealing, court lining, finishing and resurfacing of maple gym floors. […]

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ITEM# 717: TimberBond is a single component bonding layer used to prepare commercial, residential, and sports wood floors for dust-free re-coating.

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Pioneer Eclipse Floor Finish

ITEM# 145: Pioneer Eclipse Floor Finish has 4 added advantages to help you shine – 7% higher gloss readings, 20% less drying time, less odor and improved resistance to black heel marks.

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