Concrete Professionals

Heavy duty systems for grinding and polishing.

concreteTo grind and polish a concrete floor, Concrete Specialists require heavy duty equipment and specially formulated chemical treatments. Amano Pioneer Eclipse offers both in the PowerStar Hard Floor Maintenance System.

The Daily Maintenance Program uses automatic scrubbers, high speed burnishers and PowerPolish™ HT curing pads to maintain the floors appearance.

The Periodic Maintenance Program uses special Level-S polishing pads to remove minor scratches and surface marring.

The Light Restoration Program uses more aggressive Level-S pads to address floors with more severe wear.

The Full Restoration Program incorporates special diamond grinding machines to remove surface stock on new, unpolished or heavily damaged surfaces.

One of these machines – the PE450GP – uses metal, semi-metal and resin bonded diamond tools to smooth and polish even the roughest concrete surfaces. Propane powered, this machine has unlimited range without restrictions from cables and cords. Special HexFlex™ drivers create an even and smooth grinding surface while special densifiers harden the concrete to improve the grinding operation and extend floor life.

Another propane powered machine – the PE420GP – combines a grinder, polisher and burnisher into one single unit. Used for Light Restoration and maintenance, this highly efficient machine uses a series of Level-S pads to maintain a concrete floor once it has been polished and protects the floor with PowerStar Stain Resistent Top Shield – a penetrating topical treatment that allows the slab to breathe while preventing water and stain penetration.

The important aspect of PowerStar Concrete Floor Maintenance System is that the Daily Maintenance Program is replaced with more aggressive programs only when it cannot achieve acceptable results. The timing of these more aggressive routines may vary from one facility to the next and within a single facility as well. PowerStar addresses the variety of floors and customer requirements in one easy system.