EnviroStar Products

Environmentally preferred cleaning programs.

Protecting the environment – both inside and outside a living or working space – is the responsibility of everyone involved with facility maintenance and management. Many people are allergic to popular chemical agents used inside a building. This can lead uncomfortable working conditions, sickness and long term health hazards. Beyond that, these chemicals can have adverse effects on the surrounding environment and harm the environment of the surrounding community. The problem is that many of these harmful products are very effective at maintaining the overall cleanliness and aesthetic value of the indoor space. It is a challenge for cleaning professionals and manufacturers to find a product that is both effective and limits undesirable affects on people and the environment.

To meet this challenge, Amano Pioneer Eclipse developed a full line of chemical floor care and cleaning agents that eliminates many ingredients that typically cause allergic reactions and are proven to negatively impact the environment. Products that eliminate these cleaning agents from their formulas are certified as EnviroStar and proudly display the EnviroStar seal on their labels and packaging. This internal “green chemistry” standard developed by Amano Pioneer Eclipse ensures customers are using safer, effective products that have:

  • NO Zinc-based cross linking agents.
  • NO Ethylene glycol-based coalescent solvents.
  • NO Bioaccumulative fluorocarbon surfactants.
  • NO VOC’s exceeding regulatory limits.
  • NO environmentally toxic preservatives.
  • NO alkyl phenol ethoxylate surfactants.
  • NO 2-butoxyethanol.
  • NO Phosphates in Cleaners.
  • NO Ammonia in Cleaners.
  • NO flammable solvents.
  • NO added fragrances.
  • NO non-recyclable packaging.

Beyond the EnviroStar classification, many of Amano Pioneer Eclipse products are subjected to stringent third partying testing that rates the affect a chemical has on the environment. Products that pass these tests are certified by the independent agency and carry a specific seal or mark to signify their achievement. Many cleaning specifications and restrictions use these certifications when limited the types of products that may be used to clean and maintain a property. Programs like the UL EcoLogo and Green Seal are just a few of the more popular certifications used in the industry. Many of Amano Pioneer Eclipse chemical products are certified with one of more of these programs.

Without these components, EnviroStar chemicals have a lower impact on the environment and fewer people will have adverse reactions during and after application. More importantly, the occupants of facilities using EnviroStar chemicals can be sure that their indoor environments are clean and safe.

But earth friendly products produced by Amano Pioneer Eclipse go beyond their industry leading chemical products. The company’s propane powered machines are also considered environmentally preferred. With the 3PS – Proprietary Propane Power System – burnishers, grinders and polishers produce a fraction of the harmful byproducts that are emitted by other competitive units. And, because the machines are more efficient and effective, fewer fossil fuels are burned to produce exceptional results. Combine this fuel savings and reduced emissions with higher output and lower maintenance costs and it is easy to see why “green facility” managers employ Amano Pioneer Eclipse machines.

When a comprehensive cleaning or floor care system is required, there is no match for the companies coordinated line up of environmentally preferred machines and chemistry. It is no wonder that property owners and managers from around the world have come to depend on the effective and earth friendly products of Amano Pioneer Eclipse.

EnviroStar Products

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